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Whether you are Alpaca Trekking, choosing an Alpaca Encounter or Picnic, you will get to meet these special boys

Macca Pacca and Mr T enjoying their hay
Dave Sheep, Gerald and Woolly, the three amigos

Find out more about your alpaca buddies

With lots of gorgeous alpaca boys you will find it hard to find a favourite but are guaranteed to have your heart stolen right from when Macca Paca comes over to say hi! From Batman to Penfold, the boys are full of character and highly individual. Click below to find out some fun facts about each animal.

A warm welcome from Dave, Gerald and Woolly!

We have six sheep on the farm who live in complete harmony with our alpacas and are free to roam wherever they choose (except maybe our garden). Each has their own distinctive personality and will come running to you when called. Whether you are booking an Alpaca Trek or Alpaca Encounter, you will get to meet these little guys!

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