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Adopt an alpaca where a beautiful new friendship awaits you

What's included? Each adoption package has all of these fabulous goodies...

Adopt your alpaca for 12 months

A personalised adoption certificate with the adopters name

Thank you letter and alpaca card to write your own message in

Fun, colourful fact sheet about your chosen boy

7x5 glossy colour photograph

Luxurious photographic folder to store all your goodies in

Sample of your boys fleece so you can feel how soft he is

Surprise on the adopters birthday

Choice to upgrade to include a beautiful plush soft toy

Free delivery for EVERY 'alpackage'

PLUS Alpaca Trek for two

when choosing a Trek Package

PLUS Alpaca Encounter for two when choosing an Encounter Package

Alpaca Adoption plush soft toy lamb upgrade option
Alpaca Adoption plush soft toy alpaca upgrade option
Adopt an Alpaca Virtual Adoption Package - Joker

From just £29.99

Ready to adopt an alpaca? To get started just select below which of the three adoption packages suits you and then pick the lucky boy on the next page!

If you need some help in choosing which boy, scroll down where each boy will try and persuade you to pick them. Or click 'Select package' and see each boys 'pick me' video! You can easily change your mind later on if another catches your eye - they can be rather persuading. We've even thrown in a wildcard with Snowball sheep as he is rather unique and rather cute!

Pick Me! Which alpaca (or sheep) will you choose to adopt?

Read more about the boys you could take home, erm I mean adopt! Adopting an alpaca is the perfect solution if you or a loved one has always wanted one of their own but doesn't have the room or want to do the endless cleaning involved (they eat A LOT and are not very tidy!). Or of course, you just love alpacas, I mean who doesn't?! You can choose a 'Virtual Package' if you want to choose whether to visit your animal at a later date or select a package with an experience included so that you get to meet your boy in real life.  All of the packages will make for a really unique gift for a birthday, Christmas (Macca Paca in your stocking anyone?) or a just because kind of present - who doesn't love those?

The 'wildcard' option! Snowball is such a unique sheep (more like a dog) and wins over everyone who meets him. So we thought we would add him into the mix to see how he does with the bigger boys!

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