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Alpaca Trekking in Dartmoor National Park, an unforgettable adventure!

Trekking with an alpaca is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things you can do. This 3 hour experience will take you on a slow paced journey across a series of picturesque moorland tracks in a real Devon beauty spot. All you need is your new furry alpaca friend, average fitness and some good shoes. No experience required as you will be guided and supported every step of the way!

For those aged 12+ years

£42 with your own alpaca

Walk as a Companion for £22

Lydford Gorge Alpacas wins Gold at the Visit Devon tourism awards 2022 - 2023

So where will your alpaca trek take you?

Nestled on the Western fringe of Dartmoor, my alpaca trek takes us directly from the farm, up a short bridleway and then straight onto a beautiful moorland area called Blackdown. This area is steeped in history with Gibbets Hill and glorious views of the church of St Michael de Rupe which stands proud on top of an extinct volcanic cone. My trek covers roughly 2 miles of a series of undulating tracks across grassland, over small leats and along stony sections of the West 27 cyclepath. We will follow one of 5 different circular routes on our trek - the one we walk on depends on the time of year, the weather, if the cows are out (we give them a wide berth) and peoples ability. Some tracks do go uphill for a short time but these are not steep and we walk so slowly with plenty of natural stops that you won't even notice! Alpaca pace really is like a gentle amble - alpacas don't like to be hurried! Our return route will reward you with breathtaking views of Great Links tor, Brat tor and Alms tor. Expect wide open spaces, big skies, colours everywhere and peace - this area is not easily found as there are no tourist signs pointing to it so we often get the area completely to ourselves. Wild Dartmoor ponies, Highland Cattle and various sheep breeds add colour and interest to the experience as well as the changing colours of the flora across the seasons - this is truly a magical place whatever month you choose (from swathes of yellow gorse to sparkling frosts and misty mornings!). This is why I alpaca trek ALL year round!

3 hour experience

small & personal groups



alpaca treats included

Have a question? I should have it covered in my FAQs...

Got a larger group?

Then you can Alpaca Trek for just £28 per person for up to 12 people (1 alpaca between two)

If you are after a unique, affordable and quirky group activity for your company team build, that special milestone birthday or to kickstart a hens weekend, this is the experience you need.

To book just add 6 x Alpaca tickets + 6 x Companion tickets and use promo code GROUPTREK to get your discount


Meet the alpaca trekking boys - who will you choose as your new furry friend?

Up to six of these beautiful alpaca boys will be on your trek. All are super experienced and have very different characters and personalities so you are always sure to find a good match!

Don't just take my word for it! Check out the reviews

"My daughter and I, visited Lydford Gorge Alpacas today. Eliza said it was the best day of her life when we left. Helen is a lovely lady, she's really welcoming and informative about her animals. It’s clear how passionate she is and how much she cares about them. The farm is lovely, we found it easy from her instructions. The walk was really good, we had a hiccup at first with bubbles being a bit stubborn but made the day funny as he chose our trek and ended up a good route. We met all the sheep and alpacas after. We weren’t rushed and felt welcome. We can’t wait to visit again. Thank you Helen"

Leanne, April 2022

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  • Is there a minimum number of people required for the experience?
    Yes! To make it possible to run a private, exclusive experience for you I require a minimum of two people (booking a paid for ticket) at each session. If you are a single traveller (18+) and wish to attend the experience you would need to buy two tickets - just pick the cheapest combination of 1 adult and 1 child.
  • What on earth do you wear?
    Clothing: Remove that best outfit as you will be getting up close with some very furry (and sometimes a bit soggy) alpacas and sheep. You won't go far wrong if you wear clothes you would typically wear for a walk in the countryside. Leave at home your umbrellas as they freak the alpaca boys out and anything woolly or fleecy will tend to act like glue when it comes to hay. Being Dartmoor, the weather can be a little unpredictable so a light raincoat wouldn't go amiss in case of a sudden shower - this will buy you time until you can get to the alpaca house! Definitely don't wear white! It isn't pretty (by the end!) Footwear: Your shoes need to be suitable for a field and must be fully enclosed with no toes or heels showing no matter what the weather is like - this is to protect you from any clumsy alpaca or sheep stepping onto a bare foot which can cause a minor injury such as a scratch. Trainers, walking boots or wellington boots are ideal. If it is a hot day then bring a change of more open shoes for afterwards. And forget the heels unless you want to spend your hour aerating the soil - though this will be great for the worms...
  • Can we book for more than 1 hour?
    As we know 1 hour is never enough with these beautiful and amazing alpaca boys, you can extend your Alpaca Encounter for a small charge. Add on an extra 30 minutes for just £25 no matter what your group size is when you get to the checkout.
  • Is it safe to bring children?
    Yes, an Alpaca Encounter is suitable for any age including young children as long as all of the safety advice is followed. A full safety briefing is given before the experience and your host will continually monitor your session closely to keep you all safe. Animals and especially large ones such as alpacas can be unpredictable and sometimes a little clumsy. Therefore it is essential that all children are closely supervised at all times. Very young children must be in direct contact with an adult for the entire session and all sudden movement is to be kept to a minimum (alpacas can get spooked if people run, jump or wave their arms about near them). We have a ratio of a maximum of two children to every adult at the experience - although bear in mind if you bring two very young ones like toddlers and you are the only adult, you will be required to be in direct contact with both of the children at all times. In this circumstance we would recommend that you stay behind the safety barrier in the 'hooman feel safe area'. Please read the full terms and conditions about your experience and what we expect from you to help keep you safe.
  • How big can my group be?
    For online booking we have a maximum of 10 people that can book onto the Alpaca Encounter experience. If your party is bigger than 10 people please contact us first to enquire. We can accommodate larger groups but we would need to know a little more first about your circumstances and we may be able to offer you a discount! Now there's a reason to get in touch...
  • What do you recommend to do after the experience?
    We are located in a Devon beauty spot - both within the Dartmoor National Park and directly opposite the National Trust site of Lydford Gorge, home to the highest waterfall in the Southwest, the Whitelady. Check out our Local Information page where you will find more detail on lots of activities and lovely eateries within a few miles from the farm - go on, fill your afternoon and make a whole day out in beautiful Dartmoor.
  • Can we bring food to the Encounter or Trekking experience for the alpacas?
    All animal treats are provided and are included in your ticket price. However if you do want to bring the animals some extra treats (they do look at you like they haven't been fed in a week!) then we would recommend bananas and grapes. This fruit does not need to be cut up in advance and does not pose a risk of choking for the animals. They are also some of the boys favourites - Barney goes crazy for a banana!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you cancel more than 7 days before your experience then you will be offered a gift voucher in exchange - this will be valid for 12 months starting from the date that you originally booked. If you cancel less than 7 days before your experience, we can only offer you a gift voucher if we are able to resell your tickets. Refunds are not given for any cancellation regardless of the reason or notice given. Read the full terms and conditions here for when booking an experience.
  • Do you have a toilet?
    We do not currently have a toilet at the farm however we do provide mains cold water hand wash facilities. You will be encouraged to wash your hands after your experience and there is also hand sanitiser provided. Details of the nearest public toilets will be given in your pre arrival email that is sent out 24 hours in advance of your experience so that you can plan accordingly.
  • How do we find you?
    You will be sent a pre arrival email 24 hours in advance of your experience which will have full instructions on it. We couldn't be more easily located being right opposite the National Trust site for Lydford Gorge, Whitelady Waterfall entrance. Just look out for our sign which is double sided so that it is clearly visible from whatever direction you are travelling in. If driving, just park anywhere on the driveway and I will come out to greet you. There is a turning area for when you leave so don't worry about having to do any tricky reversing. ​ Bus, cycle or drive! If you don't have a car don't worry as you can still come on an alpaca experience! The Dartline bus service 118 from Okehampton to Tavistock stops literally right outside the farm entrance. The stop on the timetable is called Lydford Gorge Lower Entrance. ​ Or if two wheels are more your thing, then wheel yourself on down as the lane that runs past the farm is the West 27 national cycle path. I will make sure your bicycle is behind a locked gate whilst we are trekking.
  • Can we bring a dog?
    ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED! I do have to be very strict about this as alpacas see dogs as predators. The animals need to feel safe and be calm for you so that I can also keep you safe. Dogs should also not be left in your car if your vehicle is parked on the farm premises. However feel free to keep a human back from the experience and walk your dog(s) down at Lydford Gorge whilst the other humans enjoy the alpacas.
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