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My Story - from software to alpacas!

My Story: Top

Without a doubt, the most common question I get asked is 'Why alpacas?'. Well maybe that and 'what's the difference between an alpaca and a llama?!'. My love affair with these peaceful, gentle and inquisitive creatures started when I first met some real life alpacas, Woolly and Ginger on a trip to Tasmania in 2008.




I was staying in a heavenly little place called Mole Creek Cabins and we were told that we could feed carrots to the two alpacas next door. So in the morning my Mum and I venture out and call out for Woolly and Ginger. A lot of crashing sounds are followed by the stampeding appearance of two




Cool Alpaca Jacket!! Artwork by @eviledna1973

Jacket artwork by @eviledna1973

rather ungainly creatures who cannot get down the hill fast enough. Woolly and Ginger literally stole my heart that day and I set out to get as many experiences as I could with these animals when I returned home from my travels.

Alpaca Trekking? What's that then?

In my quest to learn all things alpaca, I came across trekking in 2009 and fell in love with this quirky activity. The thought that I could combine my huge love for animals, for alpacas and make a living out of it set the seed for what would become a lifelong ambition.

Making the big move...

After years of dreaming, saving, plotting and alpaca husbandry courses, I finally got the chance to trade in my corporate career in software to become a novice farmer in April 2019. After finding an idyllic spot in the Dartmoor National Park in need of some hefty TLC and acquiring some sheep along the way (how did that happen? Ask my sheep Woolly!), all I had to do was find my alpaca boys. Oh and launch a business during a global pandemic! And maybe some renovation along the way...

The farmhouse after some much needed work
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