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An alpaca experience like no other

 If you have ever wanted to interact one on one with alpacas, stroke and hug them then you have found your special place. Our unique Alpaca Encounter experience will leave you feeling enchanted and uplifted all within the beauty of Dartmoor National Park.

Pricing for an alpaca encounter experience

Free for under 3s

Pricing for an alpaca encounter experience


 per child

Pricing for an alpaca encounter experience


per adult

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award for winning alpaca experience of the year 2022 - 2023

Winner of 'Experience of the Year'

One whole hour of alpacas

One whole hour of alpacas!

Private and exclusive alpaca experience

Private & exclusive

A weatherproof alpaca experience

It's weatherproof!

Animal treats included

Animal treats included

accessible alpaca experience for everyone

Accessible for everyone

alpaca experience for adults and kids

Great for adults & kids

What's it all about?

As alpaca experiences go, we think ours is pretty special as our beautiful herd of alpaca boys are very friendly, affectionate and trusting. Alpacas do not typically like to be touched (by us or each other) and although we have a few 'normal' ones, we have a whole bunch of very cuddly boys.

Even our stud male Joker is just a big laid back, gentle giant and all his relations are the same - Joker's brothers Mr T, Mr Sharps and Bubbles are the ideal therapy animals as these extremely tactile boys genuinely like to be stroked, groomed and even enjoy a massage!


So if you want to be really hands on with these magical animals book your hour with us and forget all your worries. An Alpaca Encounter might just be the best mindfulness activity ever.​​

get a private alpaca experience from just £40
  • Hand feed the boys with all their favourite snacks

  • Sit out with them, relax and feed them hay

  • Put out some alpaca 'catnip' and watch them roll around with joy

  • Lead the alpacas around with their mirror

  • Watch the boys splash in their paddling pool and give them a hose pipe shower

  • Snuggle with Snowball

  • Give Mr Sharps a massage and a hug

  • Selfie time with Macca Paca

  • Groom Bubbles, Barney, Mr T, Mr Sharps, Snowball, Joker and Occy

  • Lots of photo opportunities, fun & laughter

From just £40

Snuggling with Snowball at an alpaca experience

It's not just about alpacas!

It might be called an Alpaca Encounter but lets not forget the bond you will create with Snowball, everyone's favourite dog sheep! You will create a new friend for life and he genuinely remembers you when you return for more. We have 6 sheep on the farm who are all very friendly and quite cuddly but Snowball is on another level entirely. This sweet sheep just loves people and likes nothing more than a stroke and a full on hug (oh and Rich Tea biscuits - his favourite snack!). He will be hoping that you sit down so he can sit with you. Snowballs story is that he used to live in with the other sheep boys but was never accepted by them. Denied access to water, hay and shelter one day Snowball was attacked (sheep hierarchies can be rather strict). For his own safety he was moved out to live with the alpaca boys who he gets on famously with. And so Snowball began living his best sheep life but as he still needed his own kind we also chose for him a lovely female sheep companion, Queenie. Watch Snowball and Queenie's first 24 hours together - get your tissues ready as this is a real sheep love story.

It's weatherproof!

An alpaca experience that is weatherproof. Sitting in comefort with the alpacas in their cosy house.

Rain or shine, nothing spoils an Alpaca Encounter - whatever the weather this experience can still be enjoyed to its fullest even on the wettest and most miserable days. The alpaca boys hate the rain and as they are so trusting and tactile, will happily invite you into their cosy space to sit with them. Sheltered from the elements, you will feed the boys all their favourite treats under cover and then watch them get sleepier and sleepier after their hay. People often ask if they can book specifically for a rainy day to get the experience of an alpaca asleep in their lap - this will normally be Macca Paca or Ocado! It's a great excuse to book again and means you never need worry about what time of year you are visiting us.

An alpaca experience is great therapy for dementia
Award for winning commended status 2022-2023 for Accessible and Inclusive Tourism
An accessible alpaca experience! Where you can just be you!

No matter your age, ability or shoe size, this experience is suitable for everybody. We think this is such a memorable and rewarding time that we want it to be accessible to all. Alpacas are used as therapy animals for a reason - they are extremely calming to be around and if you could bottle up the pure magic of a cuddle with Mr Sharps then you would have a miracle cure for many things.

Extend your experience! Alpaca a picnic or grab an extra half hour.

One hour is never enough with these curious and loveable creatures so why not extend your time with them? You can either add on an additional half an hour for just £16 (no matter how big your party is) or picnic time for just £32. You will bring your own picnic (anything goes except BBQs) to enjoy in our secluded orchard space. You get an extra 1.5 hours at the farm where you can go see the alpaca boys whenever you like - they will be in a small paddock adjacent to the orchard.

Don't just take our word for it!

“We had a wonderful visit with Helen and her alpacas and sheep. We visited 3 other alpaca farms during our trip and this was our favourite! The alpacas were lovely and Helen told us a little bit about each of their personalities, which were all so surprisingly different."

Tala, November 2022

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