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The Encounter Package adoption pack

The Encounter Package

PriceFrom £74.99


The Encounter Package really does have it all as you get to meet your adopted boy in real life at an included private Alpaca Encounter experience for two. You get your adopted boy all to yourself with no need to share with anyone else (well maybe at least with the friend you choose to bring!) as the experience is exclusive for your party only.


Why not upgrade your package to include a beautiful plush soft toy? - if you are adopting an alpaca boy you can add a large alpaca soft toy. If you are adopting sheep Snowball you can add a cuddly lamb soft toy.

The toys are not too cutesy so are great for kids and adults. We think the alpaca toy looks a lot like our alpaca boy Barney (he's not available for adoption as he's far too naughty).

    The Encounter Package adoption pack includes lots of fun and colourful goodies:

    1. A thank you letter.
    2. An alpaca greetings card (featuring Mr Sharps or Bubbles) so that you can write your own message in if giving as a gift.
    3. An adoption certificate personalised with your chosen animal and the adopters name.
    4. A fun fact sheet about your chosen animal.
    5. 7x5 inch glossy photograph of your chosen animal.
    6. A glossy photographic folder to present and store the thank you letter, adoption certificate, fact sheet and photograph in.
    7. A sample of your animals fluffy coat so your adopter can feel how soft he is! The alpaca fleece samples are unwashed but have had any organic material (such as bits of hay!) removed. The fleece sample of sheep Snowball is washed and carded.
    8. A surprise on the adopters next birthday (sent in the form of an ecard to the adopters email address).
    9. A gift card for a private and exclusive Alpaca Encounter experience for up to two people (2 adults OR 1 adult and one child).
    10. The OPTION to upgrade and add a soft toy - choose from a 28cm alpaca (when adopting an alpaca) or a 15cm lamb (when adopting sheep Snowball).
    11. Presented in a sustainable gift box with sticker personalised to your chosen animal and your goodies wrapped safely inside in tissue paper.


    When redeeming your gift card we ask you which adopted boy you are visiting so we can ensure he is up, washed and looking cool for your arrival.

    Additional tickets can be purchased when redeeming your gift card if you want to show your adopted boy off to more of your friends.

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