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Young Occy the alpaca proudly showing off some of his fluff being used as bird nesting material in a BEST NEST holder

Best Nest Filled Holder



- OCCY THE ALPACA SADLY NOT INCLUDED (But you can visit him!) -

Alpaca your garden birds beds with the BEST NESTing experience! This luxurious, soft and silky 100% organic alpaca fibre will keep your birds and their chicks warm and cosy. You get a cute metal hanger stuffed with just over 50g of alpaca fluff ready to hang directly in your garden. It's enough to last a season for a small to medium garden (although the birds may tell their friends and relatives about it so be prepared to buy some refills...!).


Expected to be available in March

- 50g of raw, organic alpaca fibre in a galvanised metal fat ball feeder - 


Our Best Nest luxury bird nesting material comes directly from our herd of alpaca boys after they have their annual haircut. All of the alpaca fibre that is too short to be processed into yarn gets put into Best Nest - this means we have ZERO wastage from our super high quality fleeces!


Grab a BEST NEST and gift a lovely warm and cosy bed to your garden birds that is:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lanolin free
  • Ethical
  • Bio-degradable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Warmer than sheeps wool
  • Wicks away water
  • Not prickly - it's silky and super smooth


Please note that your Best Nest contains a completely natural and organic product - this is UNWASHED alpaca fleece in its raw state as the birds prefer it. Although any large pieces of organic matter such as hay and straw will have been removed, the alpaca fleece will still likely contain smaller pieces (we find that the birds don't mind!). 

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